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We made our Privacy Policy readable because we want you to read it.

Our Privacy and Data Collection Practices

Like most online businesses, Hover collects a lot of information on behalf of, and about our customers. We want to help our clients understand what data we collect, how we use the data we collect, who we share this data with, and how we secure and protect this data.
The purpose of this document is to share these details with our customers and any else that is interested in these details.

Whenever we refer to "Hover" in this document, we are referring to the domain registration services provided by Tucows.com Co. via the website hover.com. Tucows is a corporation, accredited by ICANN and under contract with the various domain registries to facilitate the registration and management of your domain names.

We've tried really hard to keep this document simple and readable and if you have any suggestions concerning how we can improve it, please let us know.

Account Information

When you purchase services from Hover, we create an account for you. This makes it easier for you to track and manage your purchases with us. For the purpose of creating your account, we collect what we call "account data" and "registration contact data".

Account data includes;

* The name of the account holder
* The mailing address of the account holder
* a primary and secondary email address associated with the account holder and any other individual that the account holder wishes to designate
* a credit card number, expiry and verification code
* Registration contact data includes;
* the name of the owner and administrative contact(s)
* the address of the owner and administrative contact(s)
* the phone number of the owner and administrative contact(s)
* the email address for the owner and administrative contact(s)

Our use of your account data

Hover only uses account data for the purpose of facilitating the management of your account and billing for your purchases. We share this data programmatically with Mailchimp for the purpose of sending your notifications and updates about our services and Paypal, for the purpose of billing your credit card. Hover does not store your credit card data for billing purposes and relies solely on tokens generated by Paypal to trigger billable events. Hover retains the last 4 digits of the credit card, the type of credit card and the name associated with the credit card for internal tracking and audit purposes. The data is stored securely and is not useable for any billing or charging purposes. Hover shares your name, email address and demographic information with Mailchimp for the purpose of send you various notifications related to your account. You may choose which notifications you receive under the Settings link in your Hover account management tools. Neither Paypal nor Mailchimp may ever use your data for their own purposes without our explicit consent or notice to us.

Hover may share your account data with law enforcement agencies on a case-by-case basis. We may or may not notify you if this happens, depending on the circumstances. Hover may also share your account data with a third party under order from a court of competent jurisdiction related to a lawsuit or investigation. Again, we evaluate these requests on a case-by-case basis and we may or may not notify you if this happens.
We may use your account data to contact you concerning a dispute related to your account, or for verification purposes to make sure no one else is accessing your account.
Hover does not share your account data with any other parties for any other reasons.

Our use of your registration data

Hover only ever uses your registration data for the purpose of facilitating the registration, management and transfer of the domain names you register with Hover. Hover shares your registration data with the registry that manages the TLD you are registering in, for example, Verisign, CIRA, Nominet and others. Hover is also required by ICANN to escrow your registration data with Iron Mountain. They are not permitted to use this data, except to disclose it to ICANN in the event that Hover ceases to be a domain registrar.

ICANN requires that we verify the accuracy of the registration data you provide us on at least an annual basis. We use the email address associated with the Administrative Contact for the domain registration in question for this purpose. Hover sends this email to the Administrative Contact directly and does not use a third party service to facilitate this mailing.

We may use your registration data to contact you concerning a dispute related to your domain name, or for verification purposes to make sure no one else is accessing your domain.
We never sell this information.


Hover is required by most domain registries and ICANN to publish your registration data in a publicly accessible database called "Whois".

Whois is a publicly accessible database that publishes the contact information associated with domain name registrants. In most cases you may choose not to have your contact information published in the WHOIS. Some top-level domains, like .US and others, may not allow you to opt-out of publication. For more details concerning which TLDs offer privacy services and which do not, please read the list below.

Allows privacy for all Owners:

.COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .BZ, .CC, .ME, .TEL, .TV, .WS

Allows privacy for individuals, but not for companies:

.CA, *.UK

Does not allow WHOIS privacy at all:

.CO, .DE, .EU, .US

Allows Whois privacy only in very specific instances;


This tutorial can help you with controlling the publication of your information in WHOIS:


It may be useful to note that the term "Whois Privacy" is a term common in the domain industry to denote services that help you keep your personal information out of the Whois database. It is also important to know that Hover doesn't guarantee any level of privacy associated with the use of this feature. Your personal information is still known to the registries and the people who work here and to anyone who may view your Whois information should you ever disable this function on your domain name(s). It should not be viewed as an "Registration Anonymizing" service in any way.

Domain Search Information

When you search for a domain name to register, you provide us with search terms and phrases that we compare to the lists of domain names that are available for registration and display the results to you.

We never sell the search information you provide to us.

We use this information solely to help you find a suitable domain name to register and to improve the relevancy of our search results. We do not use it for any other purposes. We may provide it to law enforcement agencies if they request it pursuant to appropriate due process.

Customer Service Information

We use a third party service, Zendesk, to help us manage all of our customer service interactions. Any information you send to use via email is usually stored and tracked in our Zendesk system. We also use Zendesk to log information when you call us for assistance. None of this information is accessible by any third party other than Zendesk.

Electronic Newsletters and Unsubscribe Policy

When you signed up with Hover, you may have given us permission to send you news and announcements about our services. If you change your mind, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time through the link we provide at the top and bottom of every mailer. You can also remove yourself from our mailing list by sending an email request to help@hover.com or by giving us a phone call (1.866.731.6556)

Data Analytics

We collect and aggregate data concerning how people use the website at www.hover.com. None of the data collected is personally identifiable nor is it associated with your Hover account or the domains you register with us. We purely use it to gather data that helps us understand how people use our website so that we can improve it. We use a variety of third party services to help us collect and analyse this data, including;

* Google Analytics
* Chartbeat
* CrazyEgg
* Optimizely

From time to time, we may use other services in addition to these, either to evaluate their effectiveness for long-term use, or to gather information about a very specific question we have. If you ever have any questions about which third party services we are currently using, please don't hesitate to ask us. Any services we have made a long-term commitment to will always be listed here.


Occasionally, we send out surveys intended to help us better understand how you use our services and how we can improve them. We never sell the information collected through these surveys.

How to contact us

Email: help@hover.com
Phone: 1.866.731.6556 (Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm ET)